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Need help on the presidential election? Maybe they can help!!!!!

Who will you vote for in the presidential election? What’s clear is that YG and Nipsey Hussle won’t be voting for the Donald.  Check out their video,”Fuck Donald Trump” and maybe this will help you decide who to vote for in the upcoming presidential election.  Well, maybe you should review each candidate’s platform before deciding.  I wonder how many people feel

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Keep voting and recommending your favorite artists

We are sure that the up and comers appreciate how many of you have been supporting and recommending them for airplay on our radio station.  That is what we are all about and why we want to encourage you to continue looking at the artists’ music or video posts on this site and provide your input.  We rely on your

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The remix king with his own ideas

Many of you who follow the local Chicago Hip Hop scene know of Montana of 300 whose style is based in strong lyrics.  Montana of 300 is probably one of the most talented and lyrically gifted rappers out there, bar none.  I think it’s just a question of marketing and more projects and he will be on his way. Check

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On a Heavier Note, Vote

Are you registered to vote? If you are not, you should be. Click on vote and you can register online no matter where you live.  No matter who you vote for it is important to do so. Who should you vote for?. Well that’s a personal choice but one common concern should be the financial health of this country. Did you

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Old but Still Sounds Good

Every so often I have to highlight good music even if it’s been gone for a while.  Caleb James knocks it out with sort of a remake of and even older song but many millennials might not know what I mean.  6AM is still a classic and should be around for a while and it’s still bumpin. DJ H

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