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Harold Johnson

Considered by many to be aggressive and having a hunger for more, Harold Johnson has been hitting the ground running and is reaching better endeavors as a producer and engineer on the music scene. The Chairman/CEO of UCOBY Productions has been producing music since 2003 and songwriting since his early teens. His main influences are Soul, Jazz and Hip-Hop music; Harold is focused on pioneering his own variation of the sound, dubbed Vibe-Hop. PJ attended Lincoln Park High School where his passion for music continued to grow. In 2010, Harold got accepted to Tribeca Flashpoint academy as a recording arts student.

He wrote a song for a band called Leftovers, before leaving the band to follow his own endeavors as an artist. After many years of perfecting his craft in the basement of his parent’s house, Harold produced, engineer, mixed and co-written his first project for a Hip-Hop group, First Cousins, in 2009. As an artist, HaroldJ goes by UCOBY, which is an acronym for U Can Only Be You. Harold co-produces, engineers, mix, writes, and executive produce his own work. In the year 2011, he has release 3 EPs with all original work. The first one being U Can Only Be You Vol. 1, the second being U Should Know Me, and the latest one Weekdays And Weekends, which was released on December 14th, 2011. Harold's 3rd EP "152North" Is set to release for the first quarter of 2013.

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