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ChiTownFlavor Going Carribean

Yes Yes Yes, ChiTownFavor will be on the beautiful island of Aruba doing what we do best.  Check out the photos from the island that we will be posting when we return during the last week in April.  Our trip to Brazil, which is annual, will be hard to beat.  There are many talented musicians all over the world and we

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Why You In The Club, Witcha Broke Ass!!!!

Probably one of this year’s liveliest and catchy songs comes from Chicago’s on HotStylz, click on the group name and check it out.  As is the case with many artists with great music it will never be heard by  enough people.  Currently, HotStylz is in our current playlist and can be heard on chitownflavor, listen now. DJ H

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We are now listed in the TuneIn directory

Many of our listeners have been asking about an App for our radio programming and we are currently working on that but TuneIn is just another option.  Prior to being listed in the TuneIn directory, listeners could only access the stream via our in-browser player which can still be accessed directly at  Mobile users, go to your preferred App

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To be or not to be, thick or thin!!!!!

It seems as though being thick is the in-thing in terms how many male rappers, non rappers, and ordinary male citizens would describe their ideal girlfriend or future wife.  Let me be clear and careful with this one as I realize that not all men like their women thick, but there are lots of videos and songs that seem to indicate that

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Who’s the best female rapper in Chicago?

The best female rapper in Chicago is clearly……..nope I will not be answering that question because it is not really clear at all and probably depends on what you like.  However, when the topic comes up, generally, the 5 ladies that seem to be mentioned are Chella H, Dreezy, Katie Got Bandz, Sasha Go Hard, and Tink.  Please note, the

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What We Play?, damn, Again.

This is a question that we get over and over again from music fans as well as artists . Put quite simply, we play what the listening audience wants to hear, staying in the realm of Hip Hop and R&B of course. Although we play mainstream music, the most unique thing about what we play is that we represent the

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Does rap music negatively influence young adults?

Certainly an interesting question and one which generates a ton of different and completely conflicting opinions. Well, what do we think? Collectively we think that rap music is what it is, a way for artists to express their own personal feelings about the world they live in from their own unique perspectives. Then why all the criticism about the lyrics

Read more, What? got its start in 2005, long before most 18-40 year old adults had access to smartphones in large numbers. Well, we are back to bring you the best in hip hop and R&B from our perspective. As many of you know, mainstream radio has its place but tends to repeat the same music and artists over and over and

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