Chella H

Chella H. was born and raised in Chicago, roughest projects. Although she grew up fatherless, and watched her mama battle drug addiction until she turned 12, she started writing songs, using music to reach into the souls of her peers. Shortly after, her brother went to prison, leaving her once again without a man in the house, so she moved out and hit the streets to get on. She dealt with men twice her age, peddled drugs, and basically did what had to be done to make money. By the time she turned 15, she was pregnant with her son. She was determined to steer him clear of the path that she took growing up in the hood. Losing both her brother and her baby daddy in the same week to the streets was the biggest heartbreak she has ever experienced.

Overcoming those obstacles has definitely groomed Chella into the soldier that she is today. This passionate, empowered, charismatic and inspirational, glamorous lady and street credible gangsta, calls herself a gospel artist – because she speaks the truth. Youthful enough to attract a younger audience yet mature enough for adult fans to appreciate where she’s coming from. She’s from the streets, but isn’t limited by them. This “High Clazz Hoodrat”-a chick from the hood that came from nothing, and found a way to eat, she’s fly, stays rocking the latest fashions, and be about her $$- is very confident in her sexuality but isn’t going to let that be the only reason you want to hear her story.


Given Name: Unknown
AKA: Chella H, Jenny LowEnd
DOB: Unknown
Label: Unknown


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