Does rap music negatively influence young adults?

Posted on: 09-09-2015

Certainly an interesting question and one which generates a ton of different and completely conflicting opinions. Well, what do we think? Collectively we think that rap music is what it is, a way for artists to express their own personal feelings about the world they live in from their own unique perspectives. Then why all the criticism about the lyrics and what some would consider, violent content? Unfortunately, many people are unable to see the world outside of their own limited perspective and use their own priorities and value system to judge how others should conduct their lives. We can probably all agree that committing crimes, for example, is not a lifestyle that any reasonable person would condone but the lifestyle exists for a variety of reasons. However, as long as it’s legal, who are we to judge? After all, the real problem in any household, organization, or country for that matter, is a lack of leadership and good role models. Parents, be a good role model to your children and the music should not matter, it’s just entertainment. Staff