On a Heavier Note, Vote

Posted on: 04-12-2016

Are you registered to vote? If you are not, you should be. Click on vote and you can register online no matter where you live.  No matter who you vote for it is important to do so. Who should you vote for?. Well that’s a personal choice but one common concern should be the financial health of this country. Did you know that most of the debt in this country comes from three programs which are Medicare, Social Security, and the military budget, over 60%. Without getting to detailed, any candidate talking about solving the debt crisis by cutting other programs is probably using smoke and mirrors and three card molly tactics to get you away from the real issues.  Everyone should read the article entitled Bitter Pill. I know, I am in too deep, I am about to pull up, pump the brakes. Politicians are connected to people with money and more times than not, these politicians address the issues of the wealthy corporations and individuals and not the average American whose salary averages about $45,000 a year versus those of CEO’s who may average well over $5,000,0000 a year. If you want your issues addressed, then vote for someone who addresses them.