Keep voting and recommending your favorite artists

Posted on: 04-14-2016

We are sure that the up and comers appreciate how many of you have been supporting and recommending them for airplay on our radio station.  That is what we are all about and why we want to encourage you to continue looking at the artists’ music or video posts on this site and provide your input.  We rely on your feedback to determine which artists we highlight on our landing page and which we feature at the top of the page.  Thanks, keep up the good work and remember, we put good music on the map, with your help of course.   We also welcome requests for artists not currently on our site, just let us now where they have music.  We got you faded like a new pair of clippers, no nicks.  Get it?  If you didn’t, maybe you are getting old.

The Chitownflavor Team