Lil Debbie

Born in Oakland, California,  Lil Debbie grew up immersed in the melting pot that characterizes the Bay Area.  Connecting with Kreayshawn while in high school they began shooting music videos for local Bay Area rappers and quickly gained a rep for doing interesting work throughout the Bay.  Just for fun Gucci Gucci, a song written by Bay Area local Speakz, styled by Debbie and rapped by Kreayshaw went up onYouTube.  The video went viral and the rest is history.

Soon however, the pressures of immediate and unexpected success took their toll and the girls went their separate ways.  Debbie enrolled at FIDM in Los Angeles where she intended to major in design until her good friend Riff Raff  persuaded her to rap on a song with him.  Until then, she’d resisted the pull of music but this was short lived as the song they did together not only felt right but quickly gained momentum and became the catalyst for her decision to concentrate solely on music.

Since then Debbie has released an impressive collection of music and video’s and continues to tour extensively.  In 2014 she put out her “California Sweetheart EP” which hit #9 on iTunes followed by “Young B!tch” and this year “Home Grown” is scheduled for release in July.

Un-apologetically honest and straight-forward Debbie’s music combined with her unique vision continues to resonate with her fans worldwide.  Watch her videos, listen to her music and enjoy her interviews and you’ll see why she is everyones California Sweetheart.


Given Name: Jordan Capozzi
AKA: Lil Debbie
DOB: February 2, 1990


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