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Atlanta rapper Lil Donald can easily segue from a hardcore hip-hop style to club-worthy party rap. Rapping since he was 13, Lil Donald began to hit locally around 2012, offering ATL audiences a style that was a mix of his three favorite rap acts growing up: Eminem, 2Pac, and OutKast. Taking after Eminem, Lil Donald launched his career in the world of battle rap, taking the competition’s money while he impressed the crowd, along with his fellow rappers. In 2013, his single “U Ain’t Hood” lit up Atlanta radio, then in 2014 he hit again with “Heeyy” while breaking out on a national label with the party-minded single “Juice.” “Juice” landed on his 2015 mixtape, Falling Apart, which featured guest artists like Young Dro and Bandit Gang Marco, along with production from the likes of Zaytoven and Cassius Jay.  Lil Donald aka Lil Don Loyal got his name out earlier this year with his breakout hit, “Juice.” He’s since linked up with the Freebandz gang, which is run, of course, by Mr. Future Hendrix. He’s now released a new mixtape via Freebandz, Freeband Loyal, which, for a debut tape, features a huge lineup.


AKA: Lil Don Loyal


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