To be or not to be, thick or thin!!!!!

Posted on: 04-08-2016

It seems as though being thick is the in-thing in terms how many male rappers, non rappers, and ordinary male citizens would describe their ideal girlfriend or future wife.  Let me be clear and careful with this one as I realize that not all men like their women thick, but there are lots of videos and songs that seem to indicate that preference.  I tend to prefer a thinner frame.  I think thick should be reserved for your milkshake or mashed potato order.  I’ve met several women attempting to add a few more pounds to attract more men but I would say don’t do it, get in where you fit in.  I will end with this, there is a very thin line between fat and thick but hey, that’s just me.  I can her my pops telling my niece, “girl you look sick” when she lost some weight even though she was the perfect size.  The pressure!!!!!