Ric Wilson

Ric Wilson is a young rapper, activist, engineer, videographer, and song-writer who was born in Chicago and later moved to the south suburbs.  Ric was exposed to the poorest neighborhoods and to the wealthiest in the huge segregated city. Growing up in Chicago’s Marquette Park District and Chicago Fellowship Baptist Church brought an understanding of hoop dreams and a strong faith in a young adolescent’s life. After the death of his close cousin Marcus, Ric moved out of Chicago and now resides in Atlanta. Ric, making his music with a clear purpose without sacrificing the “cool” that has made hip hop culture one of the dominant forces in the evolving global culture, is clearly making waves.  In a world where cultural borders are dissolving due to social media such as Youtube, Facebook, and Soundcloud, learning how to stay true to one’s tastes (no matter how over determined they may be by the world outside one’s self) while navigating through the rapidly morphing world of sound, is a true skill for which Ric must be commended for picking up. 


Given Name: Unknown
AKA: Ric Wilson
DOB: April 17,1995
Label: Unknown


Email: ricwilsonisme@gmail.com
Website: http://www.ricwilsonisme.com/
Social Media:



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