What We Play?, damn, Again.

Posted on: 12-16-2015

This is a question that we get over and over again from music fans as well as artists . Put quite simply, we play what the listening audience wants to hear, staying in the realm of Hip Hop and R&B of course. Although we play mainstream music, the most unique thing about what we play is that we represent the Hip Hop and R&B genre like nobody else by playing local favorites from all over the country with a variety (both local/regional and mainstream) not touched by any other station, bar none, hands down. If you really like Hip Hop and R&B, Chitownflavor.com radio is right for you. However, if you like hearing the same thing over and over, maybe we are not the station for you. Are we being braggadocios, nope, just more of a reflection of how bad mainstream radio is and not necessarily how good we are. We get better and better as those who listen offer suggestions on what they want to hear, contact us via our site, we always listen.

Yes, Chicago is our base and many Chicago based artists are certainly featured on our station as well as other local artists from around the country, however, based on the requests that we get, it appears that nobody knows it’s a Chicago based artist that they are listening to and many are surprised that they have not heard the music before. Clearly, the industry is still asleep, Chicago is way beyond just Drill and Chicago artists have a variety in their musical talents that incorporates a little of every style from all over the country, if you want it, they have it, flavor, Chitownflavor.com, the place to be for Hip Hop and R&B. Certainly there is a new choice in town which truly represents what the listeners want. Drop us a PSA, introduce a song, share information about events happening near you, check out the tools section of the website to find out how.

If we don’t play it, we assume you don’t like it, all you have to do is let us know what you like. Uh, it ain’t our fault.

Chitownflavor.com Staff